Kaonashi Piggy Bank

Best gift for kids, can also be used as an ornament for home, desk table or child's room. When you put the coin on the plate, it will sing a song, eat the coin and finishes it with a burp!

447,90 kr

Air Shark™ - The Remote Controlled Fish Blimp

Air Swimmer Inflatable Flying Shark

371,64 kr

Kinetic Fidget Flow Toy

The original Kinetic Fidget Flow Ring Toy. You may be wondering what this thing is? Think of it as a slinky for your arm.

181,01 kr

Gudetama Vomiting Egg Toy

Gudetama Vomiting Egg Toy is here to bring some laughter and joy to your family and friends! Simply let Gudetama suck in all the yolk and proceed to vomit!

85,69 kr